Online Hypnotherapy Training

If you want to become a hypnotherapist you need the right type of training that will provide you with respected credentials.  That way other people will take your hypnotherapy skills seriously.

To become a hypnotherapist you can receive your hypnotherapy training online provided the teachers are highly qualified.  You want to make sure the online hypnotherapy teachers are members of the American Board of Hypnotherapy or the National Guild of Hypnotists.

In order to become a hypnotherapist with the correct certifications will take a minimum of 8 weeks.  This of course would be and extremely intensive approach that would require many hours daily of certified course study.  The longest length of time allowed to complete your training and become a certified hypnotherapist is up to 1 year.

To become a hypnotherapist requires no prior training of any sort psychological or otherwise.

Upon taking and passing your final exam to become a hypnotherapist there is a huge portion of the population worldwide that would be in need of your services. Stop smoking, drug or alcohol addictions, weight loss, relief from anxieties, fears and phobias are the biggest markets. More than half the population worldwide suffers from one or more of these problems.

The basic curriculum  to become a certified hypnotist include:
  • Basic Hypnotherapy for professionals by Steven G Jones, M.Ed
  • Hypnotherapy Inductions and Deepenings, Volume 1 by Steven G Jones M.Ed
  • Hypnotherapy Scripts, Volume 1 by Steven G Jones, M.Ed
  • Business Guide for Hynotherapists by Steven G Jones, M.Ed

The business Guide for Hynotherapists is a business guide that shows you how to get customers and patients both online and offline so you can earn up to $150 per hour for you hypnotherapy services.

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